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HTML Parser 2.0

The HTML Parser Libraries.


Main Package
org.htmlparser The basic API classes which will be used by most developers when working with the HTML Parser.


Example Applications
org.htmlparser.lexerapplications.thumbelina Extract the images behind thumbnail images.


org.htmlparser.nodes The nodes package has the concrete node implementations.
org.htmlparser.tags The tags package contains specific tags.


org.htmlparser.lexer The lexer package is the base level I/O subsystem.


org.htmlparser.scanners The scanners package contains classes responsible for the tertiary identification of tags.


org.htmlparser.beans The beans package contains Java Beans using the HTML Parser.


org.htmlparser.filters The filters package contains example filters to select only desired nodes.
org.htmlparser.visitors The visitors package contains classes that use the Visitor pattern.


org.htmlparser.http The http package is responsible for HTTP connections to servers.


org.htmlparser.sax The sax package implements a SAX (Simple API for XML) parser for HTML.


org.htmlparser.util.sort Provides generic sorting and searching.


The HTML Parser Libraries.

These java libraries provide access to the contents of local or remote HTML resources in a programatic way.


The HTML Parser distribution is composed of:

Getting Started

For novice users, an introductory guide on how to set up your environment to use the HTML Parser is provided in HTML Parser for Dummies.


To build the HTML Parser you'll need to get the sources from the HTML Parser project on Sourceforge if you haven't already, and then follow the build instructions.

Outstanding Issues.

Bugs are by far, the highest priority issues. Various reports of bugs related to the HTML Parser are available from the Bug Tracker on SourceForge. Issues related to incorrect behaviour of the current parser should be logged and tracked using this mechanism. Please use task lists and enhancement requests for issues that would not be considered bugs.

Several task lists are used to track the items that are not percieved as bugs, but are viewed by developers as things that need attention. The following list summarizes the purpose and target issues for each list.

The Request For Enhancement list contains items that are proposed for future versions of the parser. Users may add to this list what they feel are extensions beyond simple bug fixing. Some user entered bugs are also transferred to this list if the scope of the fix would be too significant a change for the current version, or involve API changes that need to be vetted against the current user community.

Mailing Lists.

If you want to be notified when new releases of HTML Parser are available, join the HTML Parser Announcement List.
If you have questions about the usage of the parser, join the HTML Parser User List.
If you want to join as a developer, please sign up on the HTML Parser Developer List

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HTML Parser is an open source library released under Common Public License.