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Package org.htmlparser.util

Interface Summary
ParserFeedback Interface for providing feedback without forcing the output destination to be predefined.
SimpleNodeIterator The HTMLSimpleEnumeration interface is similar to NodeIterator, except that it does not throw exceptions.

Class Summary
CharacterReference Structure to hold a character and it's equivalent entity reference kernel.
DefaultParserFeedback Default implementation of the HTMLParserFeedback interface.
FeedbackManager Implementaiton of static methods that allow the parser to route various messages to any implementation of the HTMLParserFeedback interface.
NodeTreeWalker A class for walking a tree of Node objects, in either a depth-first or breadth-first manner.
Translate Translate numeric character references and character entity references to unicode characters.

Exception Summary
EncodingChangeException The encoding is changed invalidating already scanned characters.
ParserException Library-specific support for chained exceptions.

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Sep 17, 2006

HTML Parser is an open source library released under Common Public License.