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Uses of SubFilterList in org.htmlparser.parserapplications.filterbuilder

Methods in org.htmlparser.parserapplications.filterbuilder that return SubFilterList
protected  SubFilterList FilterBuilder.getEnclosed(Component component)
          Get the enclosed sub filter list if any.
protected static SubFilterList Filter.getEnclosed(Component component)
          Get the enclosed sub filter list if any.
protected  SubFilterList FilterBuilder.getEnclosing(Component component)
          Get the enclosing sub filter list if any.

Methods in org.htmlparser.parserapplications.filterbuilder with parameters of type SubFilterList
protected  void FilterBuilder.insertFilters(Filter[] filters, Point point, SubFilterList list)
          Adds a set of filters to the main panel or a sublist.

Uses of SubFilterList in org.htmlparser.parserapplications.filterbuilder.wrappers

Fields in org.htmlparser.parserapplications.filterbuilder.wrappers declared as SubFilterList
protected  SubFilterList OrFilterWrapper.mContainer
          The drop target container.
protected  SubFilterList NotFilterWrapper.mContainer
          The drop target container.
protected  SubFilterList HasSiblingFilterWrapper.mContainer
          The drop target container.
protected  SubFilterList HasParentFilterWrapper.mContainer
          The drop target container.
protected  SubFilterList HasChildFilterWrapper.mContainer
          The drop target container.
protected  SubFilterList AndFilterWrapper.mContainer
          The drop target container.

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