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Uses of Filter in org.htmlparser.parserapplications.filterbuilder

Fields in org.htmlparser.parserapplications.filterbuilder declared as Filter
protected  Filter SubFilterList.mHome
          The parent filter wrapper.

Methods in org.htmlparser.parserapplications.filterbuilder that return Filter
 Filter[] SubFilterList.getFilters()
          Return the list of filters in this container.
 Filter[] FilterBuilder.getFilters()
          Retrieve the top level filters in the main window.
protected  Filter[] FilterBuilder.getSelection()
          Return the current selection set as an array.
static Filter Filter.instantiate(String class_name)
          Create a new filter from the class name.
protected  Filter FilterBuilder.lastSelected()
          Return the last filter added to the selection set.
static Filter[] Filter.reconstitute(String string, Parser context)
          Returns the filters represented by the string.
static Filter Filter.wrap(NodeFilter filter, Parser context)
          Returns a wrapped filter.

Methods in org.htmlparser.parserapplications.filterbuilder with parameters of type Filter
 void SubFilterList.addFilter(Filter filter)
          Add a filter to the container contents.
 void SubFilterList.addFilter(Filter filter, int index)
          Add a filter to the container at a specific position.
protected  void FilterBuilder.addSelection(Filter filter)
          Add a filter to the current selection set.
static String Filter.deconstitute(Filter[] filters)
          Returns a string serialization of the filters.
protected  void FilterBuilder.insertFilters(Filter[] filters, Point point, SubFilterList list)
          Adds a set of filters to the main panel or a sublist.
 void SubFilterList.removeFilter(Filter filter)
          Remove a filter from the container.
protected  void FilterBuilder.removeSelection(Filter filter)
          Remove a filter from the current selection set.
protected  boolean FilterBuilder.selectionContains(Filter filter)
          Check if the current selection set contains the given filter.
 void FilterBuilder.setExpanded(Filter[] filters, boolean expanded, boolean recursive)
          Expand or collapse filters, possibly recursively.
 void FilterBuilder.setupDropTargets(Filter[] filters)
          Set up drop targets.
 void FilterBuilder.setupMouseListeners(Filter[] filters)
          Set up mouse listeners.

Constructors in org.htmlparser.parserapplications.filterbuilder with parameters of type Filter
SubFilterList(Filter home, String title, int max)
          Creates a container panel.

Uses of Filter in org.htmlparser.parserapplications.filterbuilder.wrappers

Subclasses of Filter in org.htmlparser.parserapplications.filterbuilder.wrappers
 class AndFilterWrapper
          Wrapper for AndFilters.
 class HasAttributeFilterWrapper
          Wrapper for HasAttributeFilters.
 class HasChildFilterWrapper
          Wrapper for HasChildFilters.
 class HasParentFilterWrapper
          Wrapper for HasParentFilters.
 class HasSiblingFilterWrapper
          Wrapper for HasSiblingFilters.
 class NodeClassFilterWrapper
          Wrapper for NodeClassFilters.
 class NotFilterWrapper
          Wrapper for NotFilters.
 class OrFilterWrapper
          Wrapper for OrFilters.
 class RegexFilterWrapper
          Wrapper for RegexFilters.
 class StringFilterWrapper
          Wrapper for StringFilters.
 class TagNameFilterWrapper
          Wrapper for TagNameFilters.

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