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Packages that use Thumbelina
org.htmlparser.lexerapplications.thumbelina Extract the images behind thumbnail images. 

Uses of Thumbelina in org.htmlparser.lexerapplications.thumbelina

Fields in org.htmlparser.lexerapplications.thumbelina declared as Thumbelina
protected  Thumbelina Sequencer.mThumbelina
          The thumbelina object to drive.
protected  Thumbelina PicturePanel.mThumbelina
          The thumbelina object in use.

Methods in org.htmlparser.lexerapplications.thumbelina that return Thumbelina
 Thumbelina ThumbelinaFrame.getThumbelina()
          Access the Thumbelina object contained in the frame.

Constructors in org.htmlparser.lexerapplications.thumbelina with parameters of type Thumbelina
PicturePanel(Thumbelina thumbelina)
          Creates a new instance of PicturePanel
Sequencer(Thumbelina thumbelina)
          Creates a new instance of a Sequencer.
ThumbelinaFrame(Thumbelina thumbelina)
          Construct a new Thumbelina frame with a given Thumbelina.

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