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org.htmlparser.lexerapplications.thumbelina Extract the images behind thumbnail images. 

Uses of Picture in org.htmlparser.lexerapplications.thumbelina

Fields in org.htmlparser.lexerapplications.thumbelina with type parameters of type Picture
protected  ArrayList<Picture> Sequencer.mPending
          Pictures awaiting display.

Methods in org.htmlparser.lexerapplications.thumbelina that return Picture
 Picture PicturePanel.find(String url)
          Find a picture with the given URL in the panel.

Methods in org.htmlparser.lexerapplications.thumbelina with parameters of type Picture
 void Sequencer.add(Picture picture, boolean background)
          Add an image to the panel.
protected  void PicturePanel.draw(Picture picture, boolean add)
          Draw an image on screen.
 void Thumbelina.pictureReady(Picture picture)
 void PictureListener.pictureReady(Picture picture)
          Notification for a picture ready for use (loaded into memory).
 void Thumbelina.pictureReceived(Picture picture)
 void PictureListener.pictureReceived(Picture picture)
          Notification for a download completed.
protected  void picture, boolean add)
          Place a picture in the display area.

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Sep 17, 2006

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