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Packages that use Cursor
org.htmlparser.lexer The lexer package is the base level I/O subsystem. 
org.htmlparser.scanners The scanners package contains classes responsible for the tertiary identification of tags. 

Uses of Cursor in org.htmlparser.lexer

Fields in org.htmlparser.lexer declared as Cursor
protected  Cursor Lexer.mCursor
          The current position on the page.

Methods in org.htmlparser.lexer that return Cursor
 Cursor Cursor.dup()
          Make a new cursor just like this one.
 Cursor Lexer.getCursor()
          Get the current scanning position.

Methods in org.htmlparser.lexer with parameters of type Cursor
 int PageIndex.add(Cursor cursor)
          Add an element to the list
 int PageIndex.column(Cursor cursor)
          Get the column number for a cursor.
 int Page.column(Cursor cursor)
          Get the column number for a cursor.
 char Page.getCharacter(Cursor cursor)
          Read the character at the given cursor position.
 String Page.getLine(Cursor cursor)
          Get the text line the position of the cursor lies on.
 void PageIndex.remove(Cursor cursor)
          Remove an element from the list
 int PageIndex.row(Cursor cursor)
          Get the line number for a cursor.
 int Page.row(Cursor cursor)
          Get the line number for a cursor.
protected  void Lexer.scanJIS(Cursor cursor)
          Advance the cursor through a JIS escape sequence.
 void Lexer.setCursor(Cursor cursor)
          Set the current scanning position.
 void Page.ungetCharacter(Cursor cursor)
          Return a character.

Uses of Cursor in org.htmlparser.scanners

Methods in org.htmlparser.scanners with parameters of type Cursor
static String ScriptDecoder.Decode(Page page, Cursor cursor)
          Decode script encoded by the Microsoft obfuscator.

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Sep 17, 2006

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