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Packages that use Remark
org.htmlparser The basic API classes which will be used by most developers when working with the HTML Parser. 
org.htmlparser.lexer The lexer package is the base level I/O subsystem. 
org.htmlparser.nodes The nodes package has the concrete node implementations. 
org.htmlparser.visitors The visitors package contains classes that use the Visitor pattern. 

Uses of Remark in org.htmlparser

Fields in org.htmlparser declared as Remark
protected  Remark PrototypicalNodeFactory.mRemark
          The prototypical remark node.

Methods in org.htmlparser that return Remark
 Remark PrototypicalNodeFactory.createRemarkNode(Page page, int start, int end)
          Create a new remark node.
 Remark NodeFactory.createRemarkNode(Page page, int start, int end)
          Create a new remark node.
 Remark PrototypicalNodeFactory.getRemarkPrototype()
          Get the object that is cloned to generate remark nodes.

Methods in org.htmlparser with parameters of type Remark
 void PrototypicalNodeFactory.setRemarkPrototype(Remark remark)
          Set the object to be used to generate remark nodes.

Uses of Remark in org.htmlparser.lexer

Methods in org.htmlparser.lexer that return Remark
 Remark Lexer.createRemarkNode(Page page, int start, int end)
          Create a new remark node.

Uses of Remark in org.htmlparser.nodes

Classes in org.htmlparser.nodes that implement Remark
 class RemarkNode
          The remark tag is identified and represented by this class.

Uses of Remark in org.htmlparser.visitors

Methods in org.htmlparser.visitors with parameters of type Remark
 void UrlModifyingVisitor.visitRemarkNode(Remark remarkNode)
 void NodeVisitor.visitRemarkNode(Remark remark)
          Called for each RemarkNode visited.

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Sep 17, 2006

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