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Packages that use Attribute
org.htmlparser The basic API classes which will be used by most developers when working with the HTML Parser. 
org.htmlparser.lexer The lexer package is the base level I/O subsystem. 
org.htmlparser.nodes The nodes package has the concrete node implementations. 

Uses of Attribute in org.htmlparser

Methods in org.htmlparser that return Attribute
 Attribute Tag.getAttributeEx(String name)
          Returns the attribute with the given name.

Methods in org.htmlparser with parameters of type Attribute
 void Tag.setAttributeEx(Attribute attribute)
          Set an attribute.

Uses of Attribute in org.htmlparser.lexer

Subclasses of Attribute in org.htmlparser.lexer
 class PageAttribute
          An attribute within a tag on a page.

Uses of Attribute in org.htmlparser.nodes

Methods in org.htmlparser.nodes that return Attribute
 Attribute TagNode.getAttributeEx(String name)
          Returns the attribute with the given name.

Methods in org.htmlparser.nodes with parameters of type Attribute
 void TagNode.setAttribute(Attribute attribute)
          Set an attribute.
 void TagNode.setAttributeEx(Attribute attribute)
          Set an attribute.

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