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Packages that use NodeIterator
org.htmlparser The basic API classes which will be used by most developers when working with the HTML Parser. 
org.htmlparser.util Code which can be reused by many classes, is located in this package. 

Uses of NodeIterator in org.htmlparser

Methods in org.htmlparser that return NodeIterator
 NodeIterator Parser.elements()
          Returns an iterator (enumeration) over the html nodes.

Uses of NodeIterator in org.htmlparser.util

Subinterfaces of NodeIterator in org.htmlparser.util
 interface SimpleNodeIterator
          The HTMLSimpleEnumeration interface is similar to NodeIterator, except that it does not throw exceptions.

Classes in org.htmlparser.util that implement NodeIterator
 class IteratorImpl
 class NodeTreeWalker
          A class for walking a tree of Node objects, in either a depth-first or breadth-first manner.

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Jun 10, 2006

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