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Package org.htmlparser.nodes

The nodes package has the concrete node implementations.


Class Summary
AbstractNode The concrete base class for all types of nodes (tags, text remarks).
RemarkNode The remark tag is identified and represented by this class.
TagNode TagNode represents a generic tag.
TextNode Normal text in the HTML document is represented by this class.

Package org.htmlparser.nodes Description

The nodes package has the concrete node implementations.

The classes in this package all implement the Node interface. They individually implement the more specific interfaces for text, remarks and tags. The three node types are mapped as follows:

InterfaceConcrete Implementation
These classes are derived from the AbstractNode class, which provides basic functionality common to all nodes, such as maintaining start and end positions and child and parent references. Only the TagNode objects contain a list of Attribute objects.

The Lexer parses an HTML stream into a contiguous stream of these nodes.

The Parser returns either these nodes or specific Tag objects (which are subclasses of TagNode) for tags with names that have been registered via registerTag().

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