ToDo Before SVN Commit

Configuration Items

scripts in bin/ require a lib directory with all the .jar files

change .jnlp files to match target location on Sourceforge


Adding the copy operation to set up the samples in the target site causes dependancy problems (at least in the install phase):

                <mkdir dir="target/site/samples"/>
                <copy file="filterbuilder/src/main/resources/filterbuilder.jnlp" tofile="target/site/samples/filterbuilder.jnlp" overwrite="true"/>
                <copy file="sitecapturer/src/main/resources/sitecapturer.jnlp" tofile="target/site/samples/sitecapturer.jnlp" overwrite="true"/>
                <copy file="thumbelina/src/main/resources/thumbelina.jnlp" tofile="target/site/samples/thumbelina.jnlp" overwrite="true"/>
                <copy file="lexer/target/signed/htmllexer.jar" tofile="target/site/samples/htmllexer.jar" overwrite="true"/>
                <copy file="parser/target/signed/htmlparser.jar" tofile="target/site/samples/htmlparser.jar" overwrite="true"/>
                <copy file="filterbuilder/target/signed/filterbuilder.jar" tofile="target/site/samples/filterbuilder.jar" overwrite="true"/>
                <copy file="sitecapturer/target/signed/sitecapturer.jar" tofile="target/site/samples/sitecapturer.jar" overwrite="true"/>
                <copy file="thumbelina/target/signed/thumbelina.jar" tofile="target/site/samples/thumbelina.jar" overwrite="true"/>

Higher Priority


check if SNAPSHOT is best mechanism for initial settings

version in Parser and Lexer constants

versionsource target conversion

          <format property="TODAY" pattern="yyyyMMdd" locale="en"/>
          <format property="TODAY_STRING" pattern="MMM dd, yyyy"/>
        <property name="versionTag" value="${versionQualifier}_${TODAY}"/>
        <echo message="today is ${TODAY_STRING}"/>
        <echo message="versionTag=${versionTag}"/>
        <!-- retrieve VERSION_XXX properties from  -->
        <loadproperties srcFile="${basedir}/src/main/java/org/htmlparser/">
              <contains value="VERSION_"/>
            <filterreader classname="">
              <param name="linebreaks" value=")&quot;"/>
        <echo message="previous version number = ${VERSION_NUMBER}"/>
        <echo message="previous version type = ${VERSION_TYPE}"/>
        <echo message="previous version date = ${VERSION_DATE}"/>

Unit tests

CharacterTranslationTest is weird with compiler and it's own SimpleClassLoader so it fails - fix

Non-maven Support

ant script generation netbeans and eclipse project generation


need .m2/settings.xml with ftp, and other distribution settings

or use %M2_HOME%/conf/settings.xml or ${basedir}/profiles.xml


Javadoc doesn't work across modules, avoid use of antrun.

Many problems with javadoc formating...

            overview, copyright date

or need to somehow get the antrun plugin to run as part of the site:site goal, workaround:

            mvn clean install site assembly:assembly

Lower Priority


For some reason the following are now illegal in the site.xml... why?

              <title>HTML Parser</title>
                <A href="">
                <img src=";24399&amp;type&#61;1" width="88" height="31" border="0" alt=""/></A>

dependencies report is failing with null pointer because of:


contributors.html -> project members, may need a new velocity template

update samples page

check package.html files


Move lexer and parser applications to just 'applications', 'examples' or 'samples'.

- new package.html as mixture of parserapplications and lexerapplications

Move BeanyBaby out of beans and into 'applications', 'examples' or 'samples'.

- need to update project pom modules section and javadoc section

- also update assembly files

Move SiteCapturer into it's own directory.

split out lexertests (dependancy on ParserTestCase and hence Parser)


Is <groupId>org.apache.maven.plugins</groupId> needed in maven-jar-plugin override for signing jars?


Avoid using manifest file and generated manifest has Extension-Name attribute, see and

Code Checking

checkstyle doesn't understand my settings

code checking tools:



combine mailing list documentation which is currently in two places