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Packages that use ParserFeedback
org.htmlparser The basic API classes which will be used by most developers when working with the HTML Parser. 
org.htmlparser.sax The sax package implements a SAX (Simple API for XML) parser for HTML. 

Uses of ParserFeedback in org.htmlparser

Fields in org.htmlparser declared as ParserFeedback
static ParserFeedback Parser.DEVNULL
          A quiet message sink.
protected  ParserFeedback Parser.mFeedback
          Feedback object.
static ParserFeedback Parser.STDOUT
          A verbose message sink.

Methods in org.htmlparser that return ParserFeedback
 ParserFeedback Parser.getFeedback()
          Returns the current feedback object.

Methods in org.htmlparser with parameters of type ParserFeedback
 void Parser.setFeedback(ParserFeedback fb)
          Sets the feedback object used in scanning.

Constructors in org.htmlparser with parameters of type ParserFeedback
Parser(Lexer lexer, ParserFeedback fb)
          Construct a parser using the provided lexer and feedback object.
Parser(String resource, ParserFeedback feedback)
          Creates a Parser object with the location of the resource (URL or file) You would typically create a DefaultHTMLParserFeedback object and pass it in.
Parser(URLConnection connection, ParserFeedback fb)
          Constructor for custom HTTP access.

Uses of ParserFeedback in org.htmlparser.sax

Classes in org.htmlparser.sax that implement ParserFeedback
 class Feedback
          Mediates between the feedback mechanism of the htmlparser and an error handler.

Uses of ParserFeedback in org.htmlparser.util

Classes in org.htmlparser.util that implement ParserFeedback
 class DefaultParserFeedback
          Default implementation of the HTMLParserFeedback interface.

Fields in org.htmlparser.util declared as ParserFeedback
protected static ParserFeedback FeedbackManager.callback

Methods in org.htmlparser.util with parameters of type ParserFeedback
static void FeedbackManager.setParserFeedback(ParserFeedback feedback)

Constructors in org.htmlparser.util with parameters of type ParserFeedback
IteratorImpl(Lexer lexer, ParserFeedback fb)

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Sep 17, 2006

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